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    NDCU Subsidiaries

    Credit Union owned! We instill the co-operative philosophy into how we operate our businesses with a focus on people and community.

    Your financial wellbeing is our priority, so we’ve partnered with industry-leading organizations to extend how we can help you.


    See how our partners can help you

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    Wealth Management

    Grow your money your way – self-directed, automated or with tailored expert support.

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    Protect your peace of mind with insurance that covers you, your business, your belongings and even your travel.

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    Maximize your savings with tax-smart investing

    Whether you’re saving for retirement, a home or your child’s future education, we can help you take advantage of government-backed investment plans with special tax benefits.

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    Invest worry-free with a term deposit

    Our registered and non-registered term deposits earn you guaranteed interest while protecting your initial investment.