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    Becoming a member

    From banking and borrowing to investments and insurance, we’re a full-service co-operative financial institution ready and excited to support you.


    Discover the benefits of becoming a member


    You own us

    The fundamental principle of our credit union is democratic ownership – one member, one vote – regardless of the amount of shares or deposits. So you have a voice here and equal access to services.

    Your deposits are 100% protected

    All BC credit unions have member deposit insurance coverage with the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation (CUDIC). That means all the money you deposit with us is 100% protected.


    Investing in your community

    Our success is your success is our community’s success. Nelson & District Credit Union differentiates itself from the banks by investing our profits back into your local community.


    To open an account with Nelson & District Credit Union, you must purchase a $25 member share, or a $5 youth share for those under 19 years of age. This share is redeemable if you were to close your account.

    We are required to verify your identity, so regardless of whether you open your account remotely or in-person, you need to come into a branch to finalize the opening of a new account. Here’s what you need: 

    1. Your social insurance number*

    2. One piece of valid, government-issued photo ID, with signature, from the following group:

    • Driver’s Licence
    • Passport
    • Provincial Identification Card (i.e., BCID)
    • Provincial Heath Card (i.e., BC Service Card)
    • Canadian Permanent Residence Card
    • Certificate of Indian Status
    3. One piece of secondary ID**, from the following group: 

    • Canadian Birth Certificate
    • Provincial Health Card (i.e., Services Card)
    • Credit Card
    • Certificate of Canadian Citizenship
    • Canadian Firearms Licence 

    Note: You must present the original ID, not a photocopy. Expired identification is not accepted.

    * See exceptions for minors below.

    **The Credit Union defines secondary ID to be photo or non-photo issued by a government or financial institution (e.g., a major credit card provider)

    ID for minors

    Age 0-12: Accounts are opened as joint ownership with a parent/guardian who must be or become an NDCU member. We’ll also need to see one piece of ID for the child from the following group: 

    • BC Service Card
    • Birth Certificate
    • Passport
    Providing a second piece of ID and a Social Insurance Number is not required for minors under 12.

    Age 12-18:
    Account can be opened as single ownership if the minor meets the ‘Minor (under 19)’ identification requirements:

    • Social Insurance Number
    • Canadian Birth Certificate or Passport 

    PLUS, one of the following:

    • Provincial Identification Card (i.e., BCID)
    • Provincial Heath Card (i.e., BC Service Card)
    • BC Student ID

    Otherwise, the account must be opened as joint ownership with a parent/guardian.

    Additional Requirements

    Credit checks are required for all new members over the age of 19, and all new members must declare their Country of Tax Residency and Tax Identification Number to qualify for a membership.

    Ready to become a member? Our team is here to help you get set up!

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    See how we support our communities

    As a community champion, we’re proud of our involvement and achievement in a variety of successful programs and initiatives that enhance the experiences of our members and communities.

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    Meet our Board of Directors

    Nelson & District Credit Union is governed by a nine-person Board of Directors that represents all our members. They play a pivotal role in how we operate.