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    NDCU Community Investment Programs

    As a community champion, we’re proud to support a variety of programs and initiatives that enhance the experiences of our members and communities. 


    Our student programs

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    Public-School Program

    Our public-school program allocates funds to elementary and secondary schools in our service area that benefit many facets of school life. Our expectation is that, over time, as many students as possible will receive some benefit from this support.

    Secondary School Awards

    Our NDCU scholarships recognize students from our membership for their academic, volunteer and community achievements. Awards are granted annually to graduating students attending secondary schools in our service area.


    Post-secondary School Awards

    We have a long history of supporting members who want to further their education in academics, arts or trades. Awards are available through the Selkirk College Foundation and the Osprey Community Foundation.


    Credit Union Foundation of BC Bursaries

    The Credit Union Foundation of BC Bursary Program supports students in financial need across the province to achieve their education goals. To find out more or apply, visit the Credit Union Foundation of BC website.


    Our community investment program

    The support of members provides exceptional programming, events and experiences. By keeping interest local, Nelson & District Credit Union makes a positive difference in the communities we serve.

    Our Community Investment Program was specifically created to help our communities thrive; we provide funding assistance in the areas of education, community, economic development, social responsibility, wellness, recreation and arts, culture, and heritage.

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    Apply online

    You can apply for sponsorship online. Supporting documents will need to be emailed to

    Note: For security reasons, the online application will timeout after 20 minutes and any inputted information will be lost. By submitting an online application to our Community Investment Program, you agree to the criteria and consent to the terms outlined below. 
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    Apply by email

    You can apply for sponsorship by emailing a completed sponsorship application form and any supporting documents to us.

    1. Requests must be in writing on the attached form with supporting documents that can include:
      • Budgets
      • Financial statement
      • Annual report
      • Images
      • Expected outcomes
      • List of directors or officers
    1. Applicant must have a proven record of financial accountability and sustainability.
    2. Any and all requests will be reviewed by our branch representative(s) and/or our Community Investment Program team and/or our board of directors. Allow approximately two months for a decision to be made, while large donation requests and complex applications may take longer.
    3. Applicants who have their account at, or are willing to move their account to, NDCU are given priority.
    4. NDCU will endeavour to support local community programs that a) our members are involved in and b) our employees and/or directors are involved in.

    Even though a member may be involved, often national or international initiatives fall outside of our sponsorship mandate.

    1. Sponsorship will not be considered when an applicant is seeking funding for research, surveys and/or studies, wages, salaries and/or employee benefits.
    2. When determining the size of our donation—whether it's cash, cash in-kind or prizes—groups, organizations and teams will take consideration over individuals. Applicants that demonstrate a benefit to the most people will get preference.
    3. We are particularly supportive of programs that involve co-ops and credit unions.
    4. We will not become involved with any individual or organization that is perceived by Nelson & District Credit Union's management and/or directors to be fraudulent, controversial or irresponsible.
    5. Due to the number of donation requests this credit union receives on an annual basis, we cannot always approve every request. Each request will be given fair consideration based upon the criteria above and the current state of the CIP budget. Receiving a donation in one year does not mean NDCU can/will make a similar commitment in following years. On-going commitment will be reviewed with consideration to the future success, viability and sustainability of the request.
    6. Successful applicants must complete a post-status report for projects funded with financial support greater than $1,000. The recipient must be willing to receive a short community-investment presentation at a future board meeting or a personal meeting for individual applications, if requested by NDCU.
    7. By submitting this completed and signed document you hereby authorize Nelson & District Credit Union to collect, use and disclose your personal information as follows for use and publication:

    Type of Personal Information:

      • Photo(s)
      • Biographical information provided by the member to NDCU
      • Other

    Purpose, Use, and Type of Disclosure/Publication: Use and Disclosures:

      • Newsletter(s)
      • Annual report
      • NDCU website(s)
      • Media release(s): newspaper, radio, online
      • Social media
      • Other
    Purpose(s) and Use(s):
      • Provide information to staff, members, and community
      • Promote NDCU
      • NDCU elections
      • Other

    If consent is withdrawn, applicant(s) acknowledge that existing publications will not be withdrawn.


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    Get to know NDCU better

    Nelson & District Credit Union has been a proud supporter of our local communities from Rossland to the East Shore of Kootenay Lake and all points between. Find out more about us, our values and history.