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    Investment Options

    No matter the goal you’re saving for, we have a range of investment solutions to help you get there.


    Term Deposits

    Invest worry-free with a 100% secure solution that protects your initial savings while earning guaranteed interest.

    Redeemable Term Deposit

    Get full access to your investment after 90-days with our Bond Buster.

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    Non-Redeemable Term Deposit

    Lock in for a set period at a higher interest rate.

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    Registered term deposit

    Keep your investment in a registered plan for tax benefits.  

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    Term deposit features

    Flexible or fixed term lengths available from 1 to 5 years to suit your investment needs

    Reach your short-terms goals quicker by contributing weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to a 12-month builder.

    All deposits are 100% protected by the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

    Interest paid annually or at maturity and automatically credited to the account of your choice.


    Registered Savings Plans

    Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)

    A TFSA helps you set money aside throughout your life, with any investment income you earn typically tax-free. Each calendar year, you can contribute up to the annual TFSA dollar limit, plus any accumulated TFSA contribution room from previous years.

    It’s a great way to save for any goals you have – a new car, a home down payment, that dream vacation, you name it!


    Anyone over 18 with a valid Canadian social insurance number (SIN) can open a TFSA.


    • Save faster – Because your TFSA is tax-free, all your investment earnings stay in your pocket.
    • Use it for any goal – Your TFSA isn’t tied to a specific goal, so you can withdraw money anytime without repaying.
    • Build contribution room – Unused contribution room can be carried forward to use in future years.
    • Carry over withdrawals – Any withdrawal you make adds extra contribution room to the following year.
    • No age limit – Unlike the RRSP, you can contribute to your TFSA from the age of 18 onwards for as long as you like.
    • Flexible investing options – Your TFSA can hold a number of investments, including term deposits.

    Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

    An RRSP helps you invest money when you can most afford it – during your peak earning years – to build up a comfortable retirement fund. Your contributions, within limits, are tax deductible and the income earned is tax-sheltered.

    It’s an excellent way to save for your future retirement, while reducing the taxes you owe today! 


    Anyone with earned income taxable in Canada can contribute to an RRSP.


    • Reduce your tax – RRSP contributions reduce your taxable income, which is especially helpful during your peak earning years.
    • Save faster – Because your RRSP is tax-deferred, your earnings will be tax sheltered until you withdraw them in retirement – likely in a lower tax bracket.
    • Contribute until you’re 71 – Make annual contributions until December 31 of the year you turn 71.
    • Use a portion for your first home without penalty Speak to us to learn more.
    • Flexible investing options – Your RRSP can hold a number of investments, including term deposits.


    Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF)

    An RRIF is a flexible income-producing investment that shelters your savings from tax, while allowing you to withdraw funds as needed during retirement.

    It’s a great retirement income option, giving you flexibility to decide how much money to draw while minimizing the tax you pay.


    Anyone getting ready to retire, who wants peace of mind they’ll be able to enjoy the lifestyle for which they’ve carefully planned.

    Note: The government requires that you collapse your RRSP by the end of the year you turn 71. Your choices may include taking it all in cash, which will be subject to tax, or converting the funds to a retirement income option such as an RRIF.


    • Tax-sheltered growth – Your investments continue to grow tax–sheltered, working hard for you.
    • Control your income – You can manage the amount and frequency of your withdrawals, subject to the legislated minimum annual payment requirements.
    • Tax-free transfer to spouse – You can pass your RRIF assets on to your spouse tax-free when you die.
    • Flexible investment options – You have the option of converting to a more secure guaranteed income at any time.

    Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)

    An RESP helps save for your child’s post-secondary education. Income earned within the plan is not taxed until it’s withdrawn.

    With tuition costs rising, it’s a great way to give your child the best start in life – boosted by government grants!   


    • Save faster – Because your RESP is tax-sheltered, the investment earnings will grow untouched until they’re withdrawn.
    • Less tax when withdrawn – When your child begins to withdraw funds for their education, they’ll likely have little income and therefore pay less tax.
    • Benefit from government grants – The Government of Canada offers the Canada Education Savings Grant and the Canada Learning Bond as additional funding.
    • Anyone can contribute – Grandparents, aunties, uncles and even friends can add to your child’s savings.

    Have questions or need help choosing the right investment solution for you?

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    See how smart investing can help you reach your goals faster.

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    Term deposit rates

    Explore our latest, competitive rates for term deposits.

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    Benefit from personalized financial planning

    Whatever your goals and dreams, our wealth management team can offer the expertise, tailored advice and full range of solutions to help you achieve them.