Interac e-Transfer

From anywhere to anyone in Canada

Introducing Nelson & District Credit Union’s Interac® e-Transfer. A simple and secure way to transfer Canadian funds using a computer or mobile phone. All you need is the recipients email address or mobile phone number, as email or text message notifies the recipient that money is waiting for them to be deposited in to a Canadian financial institution.

It’s Handy.
You can use a computer or mobile phone to send or receive money by email or by text.

It’s Easy.
There is no need to set up any new accounts, usernames or passwords. As long as the recipient has an online bank account, a mobile phone number or an email address, that is all you need to send and receive money.

It’s Safe.
When you send or receive money with an Interac® e-Transfer by email or by text, the money never travels with the message. The recipient gets a link to transfer the funds using their own banking login and a security question to answer, that you and the sender agree upon.

It’s Quick.
The recipient is notified by email or by text within 30 minutes of the sender initiating the Interac® e-Transfer.


AutoDeposit will allow Members to register up to 5 email addresses with Interac and choose which account(s) they want their EMT’s automatically deposited to. This is a great feature for anyone who receives several EMTs. Members will still receive an email notification, however the funds will deposit automatically into their registered account without the need to click on the email link, sign into Member Direct and then choose the receiving account.

RequestFunds will allow Members to send a request for payment via EMT. Like an invoice, payment can be completed via EMT within the usual EMT send and receive dollar limits.

Service fees for Interac® e-Transfer

At NDCU there is no fee to receive money via an Interac® e-Transfer. Several of our account packages have e-transfers bundled in to the monthly transactions. To send, a service fee of $1.00 per transaction applies. The fee is charged at the time of the transaction and is non-refundable.*

Sending an Interac® e-Transfer

1. Log in to Nelson & District Credit Union Online Banking and go to Transfers > Send Interac® e-Transfer
 If you haven't already, create/edit a profile with your email address or mobile phone number.
3. Select a recipient, or add/edit a recipient by entering the person's name, email address or mobile phone number.
4. Create a security question and answer that only you and the recipient know.
5. Add an optional personal message (for security reasons, don't include the answer to the security question).
6. Select an account from which to make the transfer and enter the amount.
7. Send the Interac® e-Transfer. Your account will be debited the e-Transfer amount immediately, plus the $1.00 service fee.
8. If you cancel the transaction or the funds are not retrieved by recipient, the $1.00 is non-refundable.

Receiving an Interac® e-Transfer

1. You'll receive an email or text message containing an encrypted link from the sender (the encrypted link can be identified by the use of 'https' instead of 'http').
2. Click on the link and you'll be taken to a secure Interac® e-Transfer website.
3. From the Interac® website, scroll to the “...or find your credit union in this list:” drop-down and choose “British Columbia”, then select, “Nelson & District Credit Union” from the drop-down and click “Deposit”.
4. You'll be redirected to “Login” on the Nelson & District Credit Union Online Banking website.
5. Login to Online Banking as you would normally, answer the “Receive Interac® e-Transfer” security question that you coordinated with the sender and accept the transfer.
6. Select the account where you wish to deposit the money.
7. Confirm the transaction.

Need more details?
Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

® INTERAC e-Transfer is a registered trade-mark of Interac Inc. Used under license.
*Your mobile carrier may charge you for using your mobile device to access the mobile services provided by NDCU.