Commitment to Youth

NDCU is devoted to the future of our organization and our communities by making a recognized commitment to youth that surpasses the efforts made by many other financial institutions.

At your Credit Union, we recognize youth as a vital component of our communities. We continually strive to offer education and solutions that best serve the needs of members, regardless of age.

Financial Literacy Curriculum

NDCU is dedicated to teaching youth about financial literacy. While most parents want their kids to become financially literate, few actually teach their kids about money. We have recognized this and stress the importance of this life tool.

NDCU has developed a curriculum for youth that has been presented and tailored to local elementary, secondary and post-secondary students and is presented in a classroom environment by an NDCU employee. With relevant information pertaining to their current life stage, the curriculum options cover topics such as saving, budgeting, spending, smart credit goals, investing and other financial-planning issues that are certain to keep youth engaged.

Here are two testimonials from local students:

“Very informative. I’d like to learn more about debit cards and the cost of using credit.”

“You’ve made me realize that I need to start saving now.”

Yes Camp

The YES leadership camp is a summer camp that provides week-long leadership retreats for youth from all over British Columbia. Skills training is offered to 14- to 18-year-olds in the areas of self-awareness, co-operation, communication, global awareness, environmental sustainability and leadership. In the summer camp, participants take part in the creation of a strong community of support, respect and growth.

The YES camps provide participants with real skills to use at home and in their communities. Not only is there a chance to learn and grow, it’s also tons of fun! From canoeing and hiking to arts and crafts, we have many options for fun activities each day.

The camp is focused on building self-esteem and confidence in a tight community of youth. Participants leave having made friends they will keep forever. The YES is a life-changing experience and an excellent opportunity to learn new skills, make new friends and spend a week having fun with people from all over British Columbia.