Whether you're a one-person show, oversee a large business operation or head up a not-for-profit organization, you share the same goal. To get your money working for you. That means balancing your investment need for greatest return with your risk tolerance and your organization’s need for accessibility and flexibility.

Your Investment Options

NDCU offers a full range of investment options, ranging from traditional term deposits to tax-sheltered plans and online brokerage services. We’re here to help you select the investments that are best suited to you and your financial goals. Click here for more invest details available from Nelson & District Credit Union.

NDCU MoneyWorks - Financial Planning Services

Our financial planners and advisors are here to help you meet your life goals.

We have a full complement of investment options at our disposal allowing you to establish a suitable portfolio that takes into account your objective, risk tolerance and time horizon for your unique life stage.

We recognize the value and importance of integrating insurance and legacy planning into your overall financial and estate plan. We will help ensure that your goals are met.

Click HERE to learn more about our MoneyWorks team.

Pack Responsibly

Nelson & District Credit Union will strive to provide members with solutions to help them pack responsibly for their unique life stages so they may reach their viewpoints. This process is called the Financial Hike.

What is a Financial Hike?

Your Hike starts with identifying your goals. Nelson & District Credit Union will create a personalized guidebook to help you reach them.

Healthy, long-term strategies incorporate all elements of your financial affairs. How you pack one element influences how you pack another. We offer the services and access to virtually every investment product and service in the marketplace today.


Financial Planning Services