Eliminate your paper statements by switching to our free and secure e-Statement service.

If you are currently a MemberDirect Internet Banking user, you already have access to a secure and environmentally friendly version of your statement. Just click on the “View e-Statements” button under “My Accounts” on the left of the web page. By choosing to go paperless, you can help minimize the energy and waste associated with mailing your paper statement each month.

Please Note: Members will continue to receive their mailed paper statements unless they select their paper preference online.

Even when members instruct their credit union to stop sending a mailed paper statement, members are still required to notify the credit union of any errors or omissions within 30 days of the end of the month in which the error occurred.

To Discontinue Mailed Paper Statements

  1. Log in to online banking.
  2. Click on “My Accounts”
  3. Click on “Statement Preferences”
  4. Confirm member number
  5. Select the preference you wish to receive
  6. Enter email (This is only for confirmation of registration. Your statement will not be emailed to you and you will not receive a notification that e-Statements are available.)

To Access Your E-Statement

  1. Log in to online banking.
  2. Click on “My Accounts”
  3. Click on “View e-Statement”
  4. Select “Click here to download your statement”
  5. Select the account, year and statement date you wish to view.

For those members not currently signed up for MemberDirect Internet Banking and interested in e-statements, please stop by your community branch to get signed up or call 1.877.352.7207 or Contact Us for more info.


What are e-Statements?
E-statements are electronic copies of your mailed paper account statements.

Benefits to You

  • Quick: faster than receiving a mailed statement
  • Safe: eliminates the risk of mail being lost or stolen
  • Convenient: easy record-keeping, with a seven-year electronic archive of your full financial picture
  • Flexible: can also be stored on your computer for off-line access to your full financial picture
  • Logical: no paper handling or filing required

Benefits to Your Environment

  • eliminates paper consumption
  • eliminates energy used to shred and recycle statements and inserts
  • eliminates the carbon footprint created through motorized mail delivery

Is it safe to view my e-Statements online?

NDCU’s MemberDirect Internet Banking website is secured to industry standards. There will no longer be the opportunity for thieves to steal your paper statement from your mailbox, therefore reducing the risk of identity theft and mail-related fraud.
Should I be concerned about my statement privacy?

Our e-Statement service provides you with options. Suppress your paper statement and remove the risk of mail theft, a common form of identity theft. If you prefer to receive a paper statement, these are automatically printed, stuffed and passed directly to Canada Post for shipping. This new process requires fewer steps, less handling and thereby increasing your privacy.

Is access easy?

Your e-Statement is available through NDCU’s MemberDirect Internet Banking site in reliable Adobe PDF format by logging in to MemberDirect Internet Banking and clicking on the “View e-Statement” button on your “Account Summary” page. For added convenience, you can choose to save your e-statement to your home computer or print it if you need to.

Can I access older statements?

Starting with your December 2009 e-statement, NDCU will begin archiving your e-statements so you'll have online access to them for up to seven years.

Is it easy going green?

Each year, we mail close to 200,000 sheets of paper, related to statements. Moving to e-Statements reduces the amount of energy and paper used to get those mailed paper statements to you. Together, we can reduce our impact on the environment.

What does it cost me?

E-Statements will be offered as a free service for members with access to MemberDirect Internet Banking.

How do I sign up for MemberDirect Internet Banking?

For those members not currently signed up for MemberDirect Internet Banking and interested in e-Statements, please use the “Contact Us” form on the MemberDirect Internet Banking login page. Click the MemberDirect button found on our homepage.

  • Please note that your paper statements will only be discontinued if you complete the "Statement Preferences" process on MemberDirect Internet Banking.
  • For members who would like access to e-Statements via MemberDirect Internet Banking, but do not have access to a home computer, please note that member-access in-branch computer kiosks are provided in each community branch of NDCU. During your next in-branch visit, simply request an online demonstration at one of our in-branch kiosks.
  • MemberDirect Internet Banking provides online access to accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is accessible from most locations and can be accessed around the world.
  • embers requesting a printout of their e-statement from a teller will incur a service charge as outlined in the NDCU “Products & Service Guide.”

*Members accessing this service must be aware that under your original agreement with the Credit Union, e-statements will be considered correct if no exceptions are reported in writing within 30 days of the end of the month in which the error occurred.