Merchant Services

Consumers today expect to use the payment option of their choice, and making sure they can is a great advantage for your business. That’s why we’ve partnered with First Data, a leader in payment-processing solutions, to offer you easy, secure and affordable merchant processing programs. Not only will you speed up service and increase sales volume, but your cash flow will also improve, thanks to direct electronic deposits into your account.

Nelson & District Credit Union would like to help your business succeed in every way possible. That is why we have partnered with First Data, a leader in payment-processing solutions, to offer you easy and affordable merchant processing programs to meet today’s consumer demands.
Fast access and improved efficiency. All standard with First Data Merchant Services.

  • Visa®, MasterCard®, Interac®, American Express® and Discover® credit cards all organized into a single-source solution with one statement and a single deposit account.
  • Quick access to your account anywhere, anytime via ClientLine® online reporting.
  • Choose from a wide variety of advanced processing technologies: EMV chip terminals, e-Commerce solutions and telephone payments
  • Innovative payment options for credit, debit, gift cards, loyalty and more.

Credit Cards
Offer your customers more payment options by accepting credit cards, including Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Diners Club International® and JCB® credit cards.

Debit Cards
Debit transactions are the fastest-growing form of electronic payment. This method of payment is convenient for your customers and offers you faster checkout times and higher transaction amounts.

Mobile Pay Service
Mobile Pay service is a secure, real-time payment-processing solution that turns your mobile browser into a payment terminal. It is simple, portable, and cost-effective as there is no expensive hardware or software to purchase. Combined with the power of First Data’s payment-processing capabilities, Mobile Pay service is the ideal solution for events, tradeshows, and travelling sales and service providers.

EMV and PCI Compliance
Security of your transactions and customer card information is extremely important. With First Data’s terminals you can be assured of having a compliant terminal with the latest chip card technology available.

Gift Cards
Build your brand and increase your sales with gift cards. Gift cards can bring in new customers and gift-card customers tend to spend more than just the value of the gift card.

Accepting cards is easy for you and your customers with First Data’s innovative card-acceptance solutions. Whether you need a virtual terminal using your PC, a stand-alone terminal or simply want to make a telephone transaction, we have the equipment and processing capability you need to help your business.