The Nelson & District Credit Union chip MEMBER CARD® debit card

Your NDCU MEMBER CARD® debit card is a great alternative to carrying cash, and allows you to access your accounts 24/7 and across a worldwide network. Pay for your purchases at point-of-sale terminals, and withdraw funds from ATMs in Canada, the United States and around the world.

The chip MEMBER CARD® is a debit card containing an embedded microchip. The chip gives the card the ability to store and process data in a more secure way to prevent fraud.

Your MEMBER CARD® debit card is accepted at any ATM or Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal displaying the AccuLink®, The EXCHANGE®, Interac®, Cirrus® and/or ACCEL® symbols. Regardless of where you travel, all members should be prepared with an alternative payment method as international networks can be finicky.

Find a ding-free ATM in Canada.

Find a surcharge-free ATM in the United States.

Daily limits apply to your MEMBER CARD®

With your MEMBER CARD®, you have a daily cash limit that applies to both ATM withdrawals and point-of-sale (POS) transactions for purchases or payments. If you are planning to make a large bill payment (e.g., property taxes, tuition, etc.) or purchase with your MEMBER CARD® that exceeds your daily limit, give us a call to discuss a temporary limit increase.

Lost your Card?

To report a lost or stolen MEMBER CARD®‚ call NDCU during our regular hours of operation.

Chip Technology

NDCU MEMBER CARD® debit cards are all chip-enabled. If you still have a MEMBER CARD® that is not equipped with a chip, please get in touch with us right away as these will soon not work for your debit transactions.

As a user of a chip-enabled MEMBER CARD®, you are now benefitting from added security. Chip is the latest innovation in the rapidly changing payment technology environment and demonstrates the industry’s efforts to prevent fraud and further secure Canadian electronic payments. Chip is just a more secure version of the old mag-stripe MEMBER CARD®.

Benefits of chip technology

  • Enhanced Security
  • Greater Convenience
  • Greater PIN Control

Carrying out a chip transaction
Carrying out a transaction with your new chip MEMBER CARD® will be very similar to how you've done it before. The only difference is that you will insert the card into a terminal rather than swipe it.